Water Features

Water Features for Home and Garden

Bergies Garden & Gift has a fantastic range of Water Features for your home and garden.

Here at Bergies we have many styles and sizes of self-contained Outdoor & Garden Water Features, meaning that they come with there own reservoir pump and electrics for lighting. Our Water Features can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor in the Garden or on the Patio all you need is power close by. All of our Water Features come with LED lights with the exception of The Circle Rock with Ball and the Broken Circle Ball. Our features are made with a Polly Resin (fiberglass) they are light and durable self contained features.

Log Rock - Large Water Fountain

These Large to Medium Water Features depict a natural Forrest look often with sheets of Water flowing into a small lit pond. Great for the Garden or Patio put in amongst the plants and add a timer so the Feature comes on and turns off when you want.

Other Garden Water Fountains

Wishing Well is something for every Garden or Patio a good flow of Water from a Bucket into the Wishing Well with LED lights to add that bit of magic. This is a Large Size Water Feature. Wheel Barrow with Water coming from the Wheel Barrow onto the Wheel of the Wheel Barrow turning the wheel. This is a Medium Size Water Feature. This category includes Open Pots and Trough, Rabbits, Tin Can on Fence, Hand Pump and Pots, Three Tier Fountain and Swirl with Ball. Many of these come in Table Top Size.

Table Top Water Fountains (Buddha & Chinese)

Many of these can be used as Indoor and Table Top Water Features, starting with the Standing Buddha and Ball (Glass Ball) a tall feature with great detail a spinning Glass Ball and LED lights. Sitting Buddha with Ball (Glass Ball) still a good size perfect for Table Top and Garden again with great detail a spinning Glass Ball and LED light. Buddha Flat Face this one-piece feature has a wall of Water running down the Buddha Face into a small pond with LED lights. Comes in a Table Top size. Chinese Well has a stream of Water flowing from the Well’s bucket into another bucket and on into the final bucket into a small pond with LED lighting. Comes in a Table Top Size. Circle Rock with Ball this small table top size feature has a spinning Ball (Glass Ball)and a good Flow of water, there are NO LED lights but the Water Feature has great character. Broken Circle Ball is a small table top size feature that has a spinning ball (Glass Ball) good flow of water, there are NO LED lights but here again the Water Feature has great character.

Long Log 471 AUD
Train 597.86 AUD
Wide Log 471 AUD


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