Metal Art

Metal Art Decor

Metal Art normally is used to brighten up a wall, fence, shed door or indeed anywhere that may need a bit of character added. Indoors or Outdoors near the pool or in the Kitchen everywhere is suitable for this durable and colorful Metal Art. There are many examples of Metal Art some with rich colour that stands out either on a Wall or free standing on the Patio or Garden. Here at Bergie's we have chosen a cross section of Metal Art and décor that will suit many houses and gardens.

Free standing Colorful Bright Pelican’s and Toucan’s these are a bit of fun that will brighten up any area and make people smile. Cat with Planter looks great with a large head and a practical planter, Large Ant Planter very nice face, grey Lace Cat and Grey Lace Dog both have wire body’s and great funny faces.

We also have the Fat Cat and the Fat Dog both are candle holders to add some mood to the evening or to keep the mozzies away.

Metal Wall Art Decor and Sculptures

Out Door or Indoor Wall Art is always a favorite from our Enamel Sun with its rich Red and Yellow colors and our Flower in Frame showing flowers and butterfly’s, or our Bright Wall Flower a large single flower bright and colorful, Wall Flowers suitable for inside and out great design true Metal Wall Art Décor.

Garden Metal Art that has a practical use like the Double Hanging Basket this is a free standing frame with two hanging baskets, great for small spaces and comes in a flat pack, Wall Plant Holder these are beautiful wall décor that you can plant with flowers really nice garden Wall Art, 2 Pot Stand Wall this is a two plant holder that can be attached to a Wall again great for small spaces in a unique finish.




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